Sixers’ Ben Simmons Sidelined with Knee Injury

Sixers' Ben Simmons Sidelined with Knee Injury

Sixers’ Ben Simmons Sidelined with Knee Injury!

Continue on to get more details on Ben Simmons’ injury via Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown… reports that Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown did his best to put on a brave face as he spoke to the media Thursday afternoon in the wake of learning that All-Star Ben Simmons would be out indefinitely.

That’s right All-Star Ben Simmons has been sidelined.

According to senior lead NBA Insider/Writer/Analyst for The Athletic and Stadium, Shams Charania, Ben Simmons is out with a subluxation of his left patella aka knee injury.

Brown said:

This one stings, for sure.

SportsGossip spilled the tea first with this report:

Simmons was injured during the third quarter of Wednesday’s 107-98 victory over the Washington Wizards. After he grabbed an offensive rebound, he slowly dribbled to the corner in front of the Sixers’ bench and flipped a pass to Al Horford. As a whistle blew to stop play, Simmons turned, flexed his left leg and touched the back of it. He walked directly off the court and back to the team’s locker room.

He was soon joined there by Sixers general manager Elton Brand and was later shown on television, walking gingerly as he left the arena before the game ended.
A subluxation of the patella means that the kneecap popped out of place but returned on its own.

Brown said the Sixers should know within the next 24 hours what the next steps for Simmons will be. The team said in its statement Thursday that treatment options were being considered. Simmons has already been ruled out for Friday’s game against the Magic.


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