Steph Curry Diagnosed with Broken Left Hand

Steph Curry Diagnosed with Broken Left Hand

Breaking news: Golden State Warriors star player Steph Curry diagnosed with a broken Left hand.

Continue on to get more details since Steph Curry broke left hand… has just learned that Warriors star Steph Curry’s wrist injury is way more serious than they thought.

This is bad news for the Warriors. The team has already started off with a bad beginning to the season in their new stadium and now Steph Curry is out.

Two-time MVP, Golden State’s longest-tenured player, Stephen Curry is down. What will the Warriors do without the heart and soul of his team sidelined?

The NY Post reports:

Curry drove to his left defended by Kelly Oubre Jr. and with big man Aron Baynes standing solidly in the paint. Curry leaped with the ball then came down headfirst landing awkwardly on his hands to brace himself from the court, with Baynes crashing onto Curry’s left hand.

Golden State’s coach Steve Kerr said this about the 31-year-old star player:

Aron Baynes came up after the game and just wanted to know how Steph was doing. You could tell he felt really bad. It’s just a random basketball play, so stuff happens.

Losing Curry for an extended period would be a huge blow for a young Warriors team.

Last year, Curry suffered from a dislocated finger.

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