Steph Curry N-Word Controversy Is FAKE NEWS

Steph Curry N-Word Controversy Is FAKE NEWS

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry will be unveiling his new golf line at Mission Hills in Shenzhen, China, while attending 2019 Under Armour Basketball Asia Tour.

The only problem is that someone is trying to claim that Step Curry was disrespected by a fan while signing autographs. Read on for more on the Steph Curry N-Word Controversy… has watched the “so-called” disrespect video and whoever posted it has hearing issues because the N-Word is NEVER used in the clip.

The video has been slowed down to decipher the words said to Steph Curry but they don’t sound like N—a. Nope they sound like what was said:

Thank you have a good night.

A person on Twitter is trying to say “Steph Curry gets disrespected by Chinese fans for yelling ‘N-gga‘ to him in China.”

NOT TRUE! This is bogus news and completely made up.

Do NOT believe this BS – there is no racial slur, so please don’t believe this phony click bait story.

What is slander is that someone is trying to cause a problem while Steph is out in China? Get a life to the person who tried to claim ‘Thank you have a good night” as a racial slur. #SMH

Here is the video at full speed and you can hear the Thank You. PPL NEED to STOP LYING!

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