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Aaron Hernandez Angry, Miserable and Defiant of Authority

Aaron Hernandez was Angry and Miserable in Prison

After Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison without bail the former Patriots tight end’s world ended. Hernandez was reportedly miserable in Prison.

Aaron Hernandez realized that his freedom was sacrificed and would now live a life under authoritative control, something the former NFL star never got used to. Read on…

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Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction Dismissed; NFL Pension at Stake

Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction Dismissed; NFL Pension at Stake

We told you before that Aaron Hernandez attorney Jose Baez was trying to overturn his first murder conviction via a technicality is known as abatement ab initio. Well Baez succeeded and now Aaron Hernandez Murder conviction has been dismissed.

Read on to get the latest turn of events postmortem Aaron Hernandez suicide. Get the details about Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction being dismissed…

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Was Aaron Hernandez Secret Gay Life The Murder Motive of Odin Lloyd

Aaron Hernandez Toxicology Report; Gay Lover Dubbed FAKE NEWS

After a week of crazy headlines after the death of Aaron Hernandez, we have learned that the FAKE Toxicology Report has been dispelled. Along with the gay lover reports, which are now being dubbed FAKE NEWS!

Get all the correct details on Aaron Hernandez Toxicology Report and gay lover reports being debunked

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