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Eagles Alshon Jeffrey Gave Zero F*cks About Justin Timberlake Half Time

Eagles Alshon Jeffrey NOT Thinking About Justin Timberlake Half Time

In the history of the Super Bowl, there have been some mediocre performances, but the Justin Timberlake half time show was the WORST EVER!

If you ask CelebNSports247.com, the half time was an EPIC FAIL! Justin Timberlake was like watching paint dry. And then, his Prince tribute was AWFUL! Of all people to do a tribute to Prince? Timberlake and Prince were NEVER on good terms and their history stems back to an incident at an award show.¬† So why, Justin? That was a total sell out move. BOOOOOO! Read on because we’re NOT the only ones that didn’t like the half time, Philadelphia Eagles¬†Alshon Jeffrey gave zero F*cks about Justin…

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