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Stephen Curry's Hottie Roni Rose Has a New Man in Sight

Stephen Curry’s Hottie Roni Rose Has a New Man in Sight

Roni Rose has made an impression with the bay area as Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s no. 1 hot fan. She’s shown her support for the Oakland Raider’s and now Stephen Curry’s hottie Roni Rose has a new man in sight.

#PressPlay and check out who Roni Rose is working it for in the video? Here is a hint, he’s a Raiders and a Beast…Yeaaaaas…

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Marshawn Lynch HINTS He's Interested to Play for The Raiders

Marshawn Lynch HINTS He’s Interested to Play for The Raiders

Seattle Seahawks veteran running back Marshawn Lynch playing at home in Oakland with the Raiders is how his career should end with a potential reintroduction.

Over the weekend Marshawn Lynch HINTED that he wants to got play for The Raiders…

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Marshawn Lynch on Russell Westbrook SNUB; Enes Kanter Defends Westbrook

Beastmode on Russell Westbrook SNUB; Kanter Defends Westbrook

By now you’ve heard that the All-Stars SNUBBED Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook. Buffalo Bills/Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Weighs in on Russell Westbrook! That’s not all, Did Russell Westbrook talk smack about Kevin Durant???

Flip and see what Marshawn Lynch is saying about Russell Westbrook, and what did happened during his game against Kevin Durant...

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