Terrell Owens FIRES SHOTS Michael Irvin + Whitlock Jackson

Terrell Owens FIRES SHOTS Michael Irvin + Whitlock Jackson

Last week, Terrell Owens sent out a statement that informed his fans that he was invited to attend the HOF induction ceremony and he subsequently declined!

Read on to see what Terrell Owens is now saying about Michael Irvin

CelebNSports247.com has learned that two hall of fame voters publicly spoke out and wished they could rescind their vote for Terrell Owens.

What sparked T.O. to start FIRING SHOTS at Michael Irvin is that Fellow hall of fame wide receiver Irvin was also not a fan of Terrell’s decision to not attend.

Irvin on Thursday’s edition of NFL Network’s Total Access trying to give Terrell Owens some knowledge about playing the game after the game is over on the field.

It’s not about the voters. Don’t give the voters the pleasure of knowing that they meant that much to you that when you finally got in, you’re not even showing up. And the whole while you campaigned about being in. When he did not get in, he and I were shooting a commercial together one time and he came to the commercial with a Hall of Fame gold jacket with all of his records on it. So you went and made a made-up gold jacket, but you won’t show up to get the real gold jacket? It’s something beyond my capabilities of understanding up here.

Apparently, Owens is NOT that smart or didn’t give two F***s about Irvin’s advice.

Instead, he decided to FIRE SHOTS at Michael by making reference to his cocaine addiction that marred the later years of his NFL career by offering Irvin “powdered” donuts.

Check the tweets which read:

Ok but after…if u lose a 100 lbs by August 4th then I’ll attend. BUT you can’t do lipo!! ???? I only want 2 donuts. ?? U can have the rest. Bring ur boy @michaelirvin88 too. I got some “powdered” donuts for him. U 2 Uncle Tommers! Why Y’all mad?! I’m not. ???????

Irvin was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007 after his issues with drugs and other off-field incidents kept him out for several years. Owens proceeded to double-down on his comments on Irvin, stating that he was unhappy that Irvin, now a broadcaster, tried to school him, so Owens pointed out that he did not intend to speak to him again.

Showed his true colors!! All good tho, he never has to worry about speaking to me again EVER in life. ?? Don’t want no apology, nothing!! But these clowns questioning my character & listening to a once “coke-head!” Miss me wit dat BS!

Then, he pointed his daggers at Whitlock Jackson of SYM after he weighed in on T.O. being invited to the HOF:

T.O. said:

How about me & u go celebrate over a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and glass of low-fat milk? Almond milk for me, I’m kinda lactose intolerant. ? ? ?

He added:

Ok after thinking about it ???, 100 lbs may be a tad bit too much… how about “81” Ibs?! ???


Check the tweets:

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