Terrell Owens Shades Donovan McNabb HOF Candidacy

Terrell Owens Shades Donovan McNabb HOF Candidacy

When it comes to the Hall of Fame, Terrell Owens throws Shade at Donovan McNabb.

Don’t ask for Terrell Owens to confirm his former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb’s Hall of Fame credentials. He still isn’t a fan of Philadelphia’s former quarterback. Continue on to how Terrell Owens Shades Donovan McNabb when asked about the HOF…


CelebNSports247.com reports that Terrell Owens still has no love for his former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb’s Hall of Fame credentials.

Can you say bitter much?

TMZ Sports caught up with Terrell Owens while he was rushing to catch a plane at the airport when cameramen asked him if McNabb was a Hall of Famer. The Hall of Fame receiver responded with:

Who??? Who???

It appears that Terrell Owens is still NOT ready to bury the hatchet with Donovan McNabb and endorse the QB’s candidacy for the pro football Hall of Fame.

What do you think of T.O.’s response about endorsing McNabb for the NFL Hall of Fame???

There’s nothing better than some good shade being thrown around by former teammates.

Early in May T.O. addressed the long-standing feud with McNabb speaking with Skip Bayless which got contentious at times. Owens recalled his first season with the Eagles and talked about the on-field incident with Donovan McNabb that was the beginning of the end.

There was a game, I can’t remember if it was… we were playing the Giants or the Browns or whatever the case may be, but throughout the course of practice, there were designed, specific plays for myself. Ran it over and over. Knew it was going to work in the game. Ran that play to a T. Open, wide open, I didn’t get the ball. I could hear my teammates from the sideline, ‘why didn’t he throw the ball?

He went on to say:

So I go back to the huddle and I was like ‘dude, I was open.’ And you know what his response was to me? ‘Shut the F up.’ That was disrespectful. I’ve never disrespected any of my teammates to that degree. And I didn’t make a stink about it on the field, I let it ride. I didn’t argue about it, I said ‘cool.’ But I went in the locker room and addressed him after the game, man-to-man. Knowing the things that had happened in San Francisco, I didn’t want that to happen in Philly.

Terrell concluded:

Went up to him, addressed him, told him I didn’t appreciate that and don’t let that happen again. For whatever reason, I don’t know how he took it, he didn’t like it. And that’s how things started to unravel. So these are things that you aren’t made aware of that I’ve tried to do to make myself a better person and a player based on things that happened in San Francisco.”

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