Tom Brady + Chris Jones Trash Talking Caught on Video

Tom Brady + Chris Jones Trash Talking Caught on Video

Tom Brady + Chris Jones Trash Talking Caught on Video!

Despite the fact that the Patriots were booed during yesterday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, another incident was happening on the field.

Apparently, Tom Brady + Chris Jones did some heavy mixing of words towards one another. They even got into each other face, helmet to helmet, minus the helmet to head hit incident as Myles Garrett did. Continue on to watch Tom Brady Chris Jones Trash Talking… reports that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady + Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones got into some serious shhh talking.

Patriots met for a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship Game, which didn’t bring back the fondest memories for Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones. You may remember that Jones was called for an extremely questionable roughing penalty during that AFC title game as New England rallied to win, according to ForTheWin.

Well, it apparently led up to the exchange of words between Brady + Jones that unfolded during the second quarter of Sunday’s game. Chris Jones and Brady went face-to-face before being separated by Patriots players.

Watch how the 42-year-old future Hall of Famer getting ready to throw down with a 6-foot-6, 311-pound defensive lineman.

Jones would have dragged Brady all over the field like a ragdoll.

Chris is NOT the one Tom should be going at! just saying.

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