Tony Parker Knee Injury: "NOT Good"

Tony Parker Knee Injury: “NOT Good”


This was the last thing Tony Parker needed. During the Houston Rockets vs the San Antonio Spurs game Tony Parker injured his knee and was carried off the court.

Get the full details on the Spurs star Tony Parker knee injury

Tony Parker Knee Injury not good has learned that Tony Parker knee injury had ended up with him being carried off the floor by his teammates.

The injury happened by a non-contact play left him on the floor with a left knee injury.  At this point, the extent of Tony Parker’s knee injury is currently unknown. What is bad about this is that non-contact injuries like this are usually of major concern.

The incident happened during Wednesday’s Game 2 against Houston.

Tony Parker Knee Injury Details:

Tony Parker went up in the air on the layup and comes down clean, but there was something strange. Parker stood there in a moment of hesitation evaluating the situation and then BLAM, he collapses on the floor.

At first he attempted to walk off the court under his own power, unfortunately he was unable to do so and had to be carried off.

Shortly after Parker was taken off the court, the Spurs announced he will undergo an MRI on Thursday to reveal the extent of his injury.

The team did not reveal what part of his left leg was injured. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was not confident Tony’s knee injury will turn out to be a minor injury. The sad part in all of this is that Parker, 34, had 18 points in 25 minutes before coming out of the game.


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