Are Travis Kelce, Kayla Nicole Heading Towards Engagement?

Are Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole Heading Towards A Wedding Waltz

Kansas City Chiefs tight end and sexy hunk Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Kayla Nicole first became last year when at his teammate Jeremy Maclin’s wedding. Kelce posted a photo with Kayla on Instagram that got the internet buzzing in 2017.

Fast forward to 2018, Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole became an official Instagram couple on Valentine’s Day when he posted himself with his lady. Read on to get more tea spilling…

Are Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole Heading Towards A Wedding just got the tea spilling from TO, who is reporting that Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole are getting very serious.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 28, and Kayla Nicole have been together for a year now after her first appearance with her NFL stud at Jeremy Maclin’s wedding.

Back then, everyone was questioning who is this random woman on Travis’ arm?

These days RUMORS are hinting that Travis and Kayla may be turning things up a notch. We are thinking maybe she will move in with her hunk. You never know, because these two look perfect together and she really seems supportive of her NFL player.

Kayla had this to say about Travis:

To me, you’re perfect.

Well, here are a few things you might want to know about Travis Kelce leading lady Kayla Nicole via

  • When she arrived with Travis at the wedding it obviously was more than just a casual candid with a random girl. First off, random girls don’t get wedding invites.
  • Her Twitter and Instagram both hint at Los Angeles as her home base.
  • Kayla claims that she is a media personality and actually has the hosting resume to back it. She has worked the red carpet, interviewed celebs and even attending New York Fashion Week for her own vertical, Kayla Nicole TV, and for fashion website Fashion Reverie.
  • Kayla has an undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif.

The model confirmed that she was still with her hot tight end, on Oct. 4, “National Boyfriend Day” (an actual thing, apparently). Kayla posted a video on her Instagram of the couple goofing around at Arrowhead Stadium with the hashtag “#NationalThatsMyMaaaannsDay”

Here are some photos of the very much in love couple: