Tristan Thompson Touchy Feely on Another Woman; Khloe Looks Foolish

Tristan Thompson Touchy Feely on Another Woman; Khloe Looks Foolish

ItThe Thirst is real with Khloe Kardashian when it comes to Tristan Thompson.

If you recall, Khloe said she would allow Tristan Thompson to mess around during traveling games as long as she didn’t know about it.

The problem with that is she’s Khloe Kardashian and every news outlet is going to report Tristan cheating since he ditched her while she was pregnant to get hi dipstick s—– clean.

Khloe is looking like a fool in the news again, but ignorance is bliss we guess. Read on to see the latest alleged chicks Tristan Thompson was getting touchy feely with…

Tristan Thompson Touchy Feely on Another Woman; Khloe Looks FoolishAccording to Us Weekly, Tristan Thompson was spotted flirting in the club with another girl, has learned.

The sad this is Khloe Kardashian is reportedly moving to Cleveland to be with her man Tristan Thompson, while he’s with everyone else.

Talk about being a martyr!

Khloe is just asking to be miserable, while Tristan does whatever he damn pleases with multiple women.

We wonder what happened to Khloe’s self-esteem because to settle for this type of BS, she looks stupid.

Us Weekly is reporting:

Tristan and a girl were chatting and flirting throughout the night. They were very touchy-feely. He had his hand on her butt. 

A word of advice to Khloe on Tristan Thompson:

Khloe, we understand that you love him, but sometimes you have to leave him to make him see what he has. If he doesn’t come back, then he’s doing you a favor. No man is worth putting up with him in the club getting touchy feely with another woman. 

It’s NOT you, it’s Tristan, who apparently has commitment issues. He did Jordy Craig the same way but she was smart enough NOT to stay with cheating Tristan. 

Plus, you said he can still go out and cheat as long as you don’t know. Um, girl! Really, girl? You on something stupid or the plastic surgery is affecting your sight because the man is disrespecting you no matter Tristan being the daddy. Stop sleeping with rappers and basketball stars who want to live their best life hoeing during their NBA years. #SMH – CelebNSports247


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