Tristan Thompson Wants to be the Cavs New LeBron James

Tristan Thompson Wants to be the Cavs New LeBron James

With LeBron James gone, Tristan Thompson, the man who can’t seem to be faithful to one woman, is said to be gunning to be Cleveland’s, go-to man.

According to reports Tristan Thompson wants to take over as the new LeBron James for the Cavaliers. Continue on to see what’s being said #Celebes…

Tristan Thompson Wants to be the Cavs New LeBron just got word via Cavs Nation who is stating that the franchise who ultimately gave Tristan Thompson a 5-year, $82 million deal back in 2015 thanks to LeBron James is gunning for his spot.

After a disappointing loss against the Golden State Warriors LeBron James decided against renewing his contract with the Cavs. Instead, King James took his talents west and inked a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers leaving The Cavs without a star.

Now, many around Tristan Thompson are stating the Cavs forward is not too broken up about it, because he sees it as his shot of becoming a superstar in the league.

The Cavs Nation reports that a source close to Tristan has this tea to spill:

Now that LeBron is gone, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a situation where almost anything can happen. But with those thoughts as they are, nobody expects them to even get close to the NBA Finals.

The source adds:

Tristan “feels like this could be a great opening and opportunity to where he could become a superstar in the NBA.”

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