Troy Aikman Looks Ab-tastic at 50-Years-Old

Troy Aikman Looks Ab-tastic at 50-Years-Old


Ladies, this is what we’re talking about. If your man is still looking this hot, like Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikmana at 50, you better keep him!

Wait until you see how good the 2006 Hall of Fame indie and former Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman looks with his shirt off…

Troy Aikman Looks Ab-tastic at 50-Years-Old got a hold of a photo of Troy Aikman lounging with his brand new smokin’ hot fiancee in the Caribbean.

Besides having helluva year and a banging body with a rock hard chest and tight abs, Troy Aikman just popped the question to Capa Mooty during a romantic vacation to Italy.

The soon to be married couple were enjoying the engagement. As for the date of the wedding, there is no word on when the ceremony will go down

The two of them are looking hella good though.

Take a look at how happy the three-time Super Bowl champ and his soon-to-be-wife on the beaches of Virgen Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands.

He also posted this photo of his fiancee Capa Mooty out on the water.

Troy Aikman Looks Ab-tastic at 50-Years-Old

Ladies, what do you think of Troy Aikman? Is he hot to you or just OK? We think he looks amazing at 50.

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