Vince Young Responds To Lawsuit

Vince Young is responding to the lawsuit

Vince Young is responding to the lawsuit, saying that he knows a shameless money grab when he sees one, and that’s what’s going on with the woman who sued him for an alleged assault!!!

Get the latest update via Vince Young “Mr Invinceable” who is responding to the lawsuit on the flip…

Vince Young is responding to the lawsuit

Earlier today we told you about Vince Young being slapped with a lawsuit by a woman named Tiffany Cayo, is claiming that the former NFL baller attacked her.

Now, Vince Young  who used to go by the name of Invinceable has had enough, and is speaking out about the claims made by Tiffany Cayo.

TMZ reports:

Young’s attorneys tell TMZ Sports Tiffany Cayo first made this allegation privately to Vince more than a year ago. We’re told Vince’s legal team interviewed several key witnesses — there were 4 people in the car — who all backed Young’s denial of the incident.


Young’s team says the witness testimony — including people who saw Cayo after the alleged hair pulling assault — made it clear the incident never happened, and it was presented to Cayo’s attorneys.

That’s why Young’s lawyers think Cayo’s lawsuit is a “clear attempt to extract money” from Vince. They say the ex-NFL star is planning to file a counter lawsuit against Cayo.

What are your thoughts on the Vince Young / Tiffany Cayo lawsuit?

Is it us or has Invinceable packed on a few pounds since he’s no longer on the field. Cut down on those ribs Vince. You’re looking a bit thick!

Here is Vince in his hot boy days:

Vince Young Shirtless