Warriors Iguodala + Durant Defend Jordan Bell “Mistake”

Warriors Iguodala + Durant Defend Jordan Bell "Mistake"

Nothing seems to be easy for Jordan Bell thus far in his NBA career, but he’s getting support from his teammates.

Jordan Bell was suspended and fined over $15 candle prank that went all wrong, but his Warriors teammates are calling it a big miscommunication. Read on…

Warriors Iguodala + Durant Defend Jordan Bell "Mistake"

CelebNSports247.com reports that Jason Bell explains that “the vets mess with the rookies because it’s just a “rite of passage” to say the least.”

According to Jason Bell, he went through his rookie year hazing as Warrior vets “put LITTLE THINGS on his room, candy bars, sodas” to his room.

Well, Jordan did it to the wrong person, because assistant coach Mike Brown didn’t find it funny and turned him into the team. That is how he got suspended in the first place.

Jordan says it was a “hectic learning experience and kind of funny at the same time.” He goes on to say that the “joke that turned out not to be the way someone else took it, as a joke.” Bell also realized that “even though” he “think something’s funny, it might not be funny to them.”

The 24-year-old adds that thanks to the Internet getting things wrong and assuming what was charged he is “more so embarrassed [about the allegations of buying porn] because of my family.”

Jordan just wants to “clear that up,” and that “it wasn’t anything to try to hurt anybody personally.” At the end of the day, he strikes it up as a “rough…learning experience.”

Meanwhile, his teammates are now supporting and defending him calling it a “mistake.”

Andre Iguodala told NBC Sports Bay Area:

It’s really not that big of a deal. It’s a mistake, nobody was harmed, learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. You just have to have your antennas up as far as how your mind works.

When you’re young, you can drift a little bit, then you have to reel yourself back in and calm down. He’ll be fine.

Kevin Durant added:

I see a long career ahead of him. Somebody that’s the ultimate teammate, who comes in and is always ready, and he’s still learning, man. It’s gonna take him some time to figure things out as a player, but he’s ahead of the curve.


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