Warriors Klay Thompson Girlfriend Revealed

Klay Thompson Girlfriend

If you want to have fun and NOT get serious then pick up a girlfriend like Klay Thompson, but the Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson new Girlfriend spells disaster if it goes past just dating!

Basketball Wives here comes Klay Thompson Girlfriend…

Klay Thompson Girlfriend

CelebNSports247.com has Blaxican Stunner Sache’ Lamonte aka Klay Thompson new Girlfriend who has burning up the internet.

Thicky Sache’ Lamonte is making sure to advertise her assets online for everyone to see, which also makes her a perfect candidate for Basketball Wives if it ever comes back to reality TV.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend

Of course, The Golden State Warriors #1 shooter has been seeing Sache’ the last few months, which explains why he has that swagger on the court.

She’s looks like a lot to handle, but hey most jump off are a lot to deal with. We would love to hear how they met.

Take a look at some photos of Klay Thompson Girlfriend Thicky Sanche’ Lamonte’s photos below: