This Week In Sports: 11 Say What Sports Headlines

This Week In Sports: 11 Say What Sports Headlines

This week, there were some headlines in sports that had us saying “what is going on?” We’ve decided to share the 11 Say What Sports Headlines from this week.

Read on to find out what we felt were the top 11 Say What Sports Headlines of the week…

This Week In Sports: 11 Say What Sports Headlines has the following headlines that will have you asking how did that make a headline or damn I didn’t hear about that.

Are you ready for the some of the weirdest, craziest and most irrelevant Sports Headlines that were made news worthy?

Here are the 11 Say What Sports Headlines:

11. See what Mayweather and McGregor started! This fight sounds like a joke, but what happens if Seagal brings swords to the fight? George Foreman challenges Steven Seagal to a 10-round fight in Las Vegas.

10. Why the Titans passed on Kaepernick! Ex-Titans GM on signing Weeden Over Kaepernick. He said, “You Don’t Want The Circus.” Ouch!

9. Everything comes to an end. Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson are no longer friends. Cormier said “I’m not going to be f—king friends.”

8. When you suck, you suck! Tampa Bay Bucs coach Dirk Koetter days are numbered, because he choked during his big moment.

7. What a hair of a problem! Jeremy Lin responds to Kenyon Martin’s criticism of his dreads.

6. Now OJ knows he can’t be doing this. O.J. Simpson Spotted Signing Memorabilia In Secret!


5. There’s no better place to since than in the men’s locker room. Le’Veon drops a freestyle in the locker room. 

4. Just another WEAK Ahtlete making excuses for his extracurricular’s. Tennis Player Daniel Evans Gives Lamest Excuse For Testing Positive For Cocaine. Really?

3. Now this is good news. Cannabidiol (CBD) legal for UFC fighters in 2018

2. Who does this, and why a kitchen appliance? Chinese fan tried to make Klay Thompson sign a toaster. #SMH

1.  This is probably one of the best photos of Tristan Thompson’s PR machine Khloe Kardashians ever capture on digital photos. Khloe Releases FIRST Baby Bump Pictures