Adam LaRoche

White Sox Adam LaRoche Turns Down 13 Million Salary


Instead of greed ruling his life Chicago White Sox Adam LaRoche Turns Down 13 Million Salary!!!

Unlike most athletes who thirst for more money and endorsement deals, Adam LaRoche did something different find out why on the flip….

Why did Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche turn his back on the MLB and retire? has learned that Adam LaRoche walked away from a $13 million salary after being told by the team president to cut down the time his son spent in the clubhouse.

Fox 8 reports:

Team president Kenny Williams confirmed Wednesday that he had asked LaRoche to “dial it back” with 14-year-old son Drake.

LaRoche, who was obviously offended by Williams abruptly said Tuesday at spring training that he planned to leave the game.

LaRoche White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said at the time it was a “personal decision” and that LaRoche was asked to reconsider.

Williams said LaRoche’s son was a “quality young kid” and wasn’t a distraction. But Williams indicated he didn’t want anything to deter the team’s focus.

LaRoche tweeted:

Adam LaRoche

The 36-year-old LaRoche hit only .207 with 12 home runs last year.

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