Will Smith Did NOT Threaten Cardell Hayes

Peter Thomson says Will Smith Did NOT Threaten Cardell Hayes

Yesterday Cardell Hayes friend said he felt Will Smith’s murder was justified, which we don’t agree with, and now Attorney Peter Thomson says Will Smith Did NOT Threaten Cardell Hayes!!!

If you look at all the evidence of Will Smith being killed, listen to everyone involved, Peter Thomson statement make sense on the flip…

Peter Thomson says Will Smith Did NOT Threaten Cardell Hayes

Attorney Peter Thomson addressed the media, setting the record straight according to Will’s wife, passenger and other witnesses, CelebNSports247.com has learned.

You might say that Thomson painted Hayes as a bizarre cold-blooded killer who not only initiated the conflict … but cowardly shot Will in the back 6 to 8 times as he walking away. But after hearing what happened over last weekend will have you angry that an innocent man was gunned down for no real reason.

TMZ reports:

Some people are really messed up is all we have to say. Check this, Will’s car was leaving a restaurant when a Hummer stopped suddenly in front of them, forcing Will to slam on his brakes.

Believing there was no contact made and no damage, Will drove off, only for the Hummer to give chase and “ram” the back of Will’s SUV so hard, he shattered the back windshield.

Will got out and the two men exchanged words, insisting Hayes was “enraged, yelling and cursing.”

Will’s wife and another female passenger got out of the car and tried to defuse the situation — and “after some time” they began to walk Will back to the SUV.

That’s when, according to Thomson, Hayes followed them and opened fire — striking Will’s wife Raquel twice, once in each leg. She collapses.

“The killer then unloads 6 to 8 shots into Will’s back.”

Thomson says Hayes then stood over Smith’s dead body and began yelling and screaming.

When asked about reports Will had threatened to get his gun and shoot first, Thomson adamantly denied the claims.

Peter Thomson said:

“I’m aware of nothing that Will Smith did that would cause this killer to be afraid of his life to the point where he would follow him after the situation would be diffused.”

“There’s NOTHING Will Smith ever said that would have caused that.”

Here is what it is disgusting to us, Peter Thomson,also revealed that Smith’s alleged killer, Cardell Hayes, 28, showed no remorse after the fatal shooting:

He allegedly “stood over Will Smith’s dead body as his wife crawled away” to find a hiding place, “yelling over the body of Will Smith after he killed him.”

Watch and listen to Peter Thomson talk about what happened the night Will Smith was killed by Cardell Hayes:


Do you think Will was at fault or was Cardell just a coward with a gun who killed a an innocent man?

Photo: Michael Democker/NOLA/The Times-Picyune via AP /  Chris Graythen/Getty Images