WTF…Kawhi Leonard Signed with The Clippers

WTF...Kawhi Leonard Signed with The Clippers

Did we just hear that right? After Kawhi Leonard told Toronto Raptors fans after the NBA Championship that “I’m out this bitch” and head to Los Angeles.

He decided to go with the Los Angeles Clippers??? Like Durant heading to The Brooklyn Nets, Read on for the upsetting tea spill because naysayers already knew Kawhi Leonard threw a wrench and id a change up…

WTF...Kawhi Leonard Signed with The Clippers knew that time was running down and that Kawhi Leonard would have to make an announcement, but the Clippers?

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are going to the Los Angeles Clippers. I think we can safely say that NOBODY saw that coming.

We get it though, Kawhi Leonard wants to be the main man and have his own supporting cast. Was this a smart move?

If you ask us, “NO,” but it’s NOT up to us, it’s ALL Kawhi Leonard’s choice.

Here is what we have learned on Kawhi Leonard and his new home town team decision.

Woj took to Twitter to announce the shocking news:

Free agent forward Kawhi Leonard has informed runners-up teams of his plans: He’s signing with the Clippers, league sources tell ESPN.

Who would have thought that the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets were the big winners of NBA free agency?

In fact, the NBA has never been more wide open than it will be next season. And now, the Los Angeles Clippers are a legit title threat.

The Clipper WIN and The Lakers take an L:

Kawhi pulled a power boss move when it comes to planning for his future. Kawhi was the man just won a championship and an NBA Finals MVP. He gets his max deal with the Clippers and gets to go home with a star running mate in Paul George. Who knew, the Clippers were gonna end up winning Leonard over the Lakers. 

Well, we guess this mural will have to be painted over ASAP!

WTF...Kawhi Leonard Signed with The Clippers

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