Yadier Molina Undergoes Emergency Surgery to Save Testicles

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina advised to avoid stimulation to his testicles for at least 6 weeks, after undergoing surgery to save them.

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina suffered the unthinkable on Saturday when he took a 102 mph fastball to the groin during a game. Read on…

Yadier Molina Undergoes Emergency Surgery to Save TesticlesYadier’s injury was described as a “pelvic injury with traumatic hematoma” by the Cardinals.

Molina’s brother noted that doctors were able to save both of his testicles.  Yadier Molina can happily keep his family jewels thanks to a 45-minute emergency surgery.

Yadier’s bother Bengie told the Post-Dispatch that Yadier was walking by Sunday.

Bengie Molina told the paper:

Slowly, but walking. He didn’t want a wheelchair. He didn’t want anything. He’s got the power, (so) he’s going to walk.

The St Louis Cardinals were up against the Chicago Cubs.

Here is the moment where Molina saw his whole life pass him by and he fell over in pain scream, “WHHHHHYYYYYY!”

The doctors from Botched weighed in with some advice for Yadier Molina to get rest, ice and stay away from raising type situations. That means NO STIMULATION to his testies in anyway!

Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with the “Botched” docs in NYC to ask them asked if they had any advice for Molina’s recovery.

Dubrow said:

The ‘in general’ for an injury is R.I.C.E. — rest, ice, compression, elevation. In this situation, I would recommend ice, not so much compression and stay away from any elevation down there … if you know what I mean.

Check it:

He will be replaced by Francisco Pena and Carson Kelly as he recovers. Don’t worry, Molina should be cleared for boning in about 6 weeks.