Yahu Rock Blackwell Is A Star on The Rise

Yahu Rock Blackwell Is A Star on The Rise


At first glance Yahu Rock Blackwell may not appear to be the typical Hebrew boxer. But the powerhouse boxer possesses an excellent marketing value that’s missing from most young fighters. Blackwell Is A Star on The Rise!!!

Flip and get more details on why Yahu Rock Blackwell Is A Star on The Rise….

Yahu Rock Blackwell Is A Star on The Rise

CelebNSports247.com feels that with his charming smile and gravitating personality, Yahu Rock Blackwell is a star on the rise.

In an new article via The Source, Yahu Rock Blackwell seems to be following in the footsteps of his idol Muhammad Ali:

Blackwell’s hard hitting style has taken the now Cruiser weight to an incredible 156-28 amateur record that includes winning the South Atlantic Championship. A soon force to be reckoned with in his weight class, his constant reinvention and ring activity has turned Blackwell into an extremely exciting fighter to watch. Blackwell possesses all the traits necessary to make himself a marketing goldmine. Even better, he’s building a sizable fan base and is set to fight on a premier network in the coming months.

Blackwell’s reputation is based not only off of his explosive speed and punching power, but largely due to his boxing prowess. His unique combination of breathtaking speed and in-ring comfort with devastating punching power has led to many observers to peg him as a star on the rise. Yahu lost his 2009 pro debut, when less than stellar management resulted in Blackwell breaking his right hand, and reaching life-threatening levels of dehydration; as he dropped 30+ pounds of water weight and muscle to try to achieve a 154 pound weight limit. The bout was stopped by the ring doctor when he examined Blackwell.

In 2013 Blackwell signed with a new management team, which has resulted in a his career flourishing. Team Blackwell traveled over seas and competed in the International Boxing League; A professional boxing tournament outside of the traditional ABC. There he compiled an impressive record of 15-0, winning the WBU novice world championship. (http://www.wbuboxing.org/wbu-north-american-mens-rankings.html)

Due to his great success in the IBL. On March 5th, 2014, it was announced by the World Boxing Union (WBU) that Yahu “Rock” Blackwell was ranked 10th in there world rankings for WBU and IBU titles.

With Everything moving in the right direction for Blackwell, on September 18th 2014 Blackwell signed a deal with Comcast Sports Net recently, which will allow all of his fights to be aired in 50 million homes nationwide. Blackwell has also spent time training in over a dozen world class training camps, training with Floyd Mayweather Sr, Freddy Roach, and many more.

Take a look below Yahu and why “The Blind Will Hear, The Deaf Will See”

WBU boxing champion Yahu “Rock” Blackwell has also become the face of Cameroon, Africa’s ‘My Sister Cares Foundation’. The My Sister Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving food, shelter and clothing to orphans in Africa.  The My Sister Cares Foundation wants to offer a second chance to orphans by building a safe environment that they can call home. Their first orphanage will be built in the South west region of Cameroon, in a small city called Muea. Yahu not only committed to raising $65,000 to help buy food, oil, school supplies, computers for the My Sister Cares Foundation’s orphanage,  The champ also will be traveling to Africa in the summer of 2017 to help build the foundation’s first orphanage and rebuild others in Cameroon.

Blackwell will also spend time with the children of Cameroon. Teaching the children of the orphanage boxing, health and nutrition, give out autographed boxing gloves, and more. Yahu whose heritage is from Yahudah Yashraal, has a deep connection with the suffering that his people are going through. He believes that helping the people of Cameroon is part of his destiny.

With marquee older stars beginning to burn out, boxing is in dire need of a fresh batch of money making fighters to beef up the elite ranks of the sport. In today’s world where exciting and marketable fighters are boxing’s biggest stars, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell is primed to continue the tradition. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for the future superstar, 2016 is set to be a remarkable year. The champ is making his return back to the ABC 2016 in the cruiser weight division. With all of his focus set on giving boxing fans powerhouse performances and remaining active in the ring, the sky is the limit for this up and coming star.

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