Yankees Brett Gardner SLAMS Umpire LYING

Yankees Brett Gardner SLAMS Umpire LYING

New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner learned that the hard way Friday night when he was ejected from the visitor’s dugout in the fourth inning.

It was news to the New York Yankees outfielder after a controversial strike call on Mike Tauchman was made and several players in the Yankees dugout openly voiced their anger. Brett Gardner got blamed for all of it and he was FURIOUS. Continue on to see…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Brett Gardner was ejected from the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre by an umpire who decided to blame the Yankees outfielder for the yelling from the dugout.

The problem is that Brett Gardner was quiet. He said nothing, which set him into a tirade of anger.

He was so PISSED he had to be held back so he would beat down the umpire who made the wrongful call.

The rare scenario fully enraged Gardner the minute it happened, and it still so upset him afterward that he called the umpire who ejected him a liar in the minutes after the Yankees’ 8-2 loss.

Gardner said to ESPN:

I just — I don’t understand it. Didn’t then. Still don’t. It’s not right.

At the exact moment Gardner was tossed by plate umpire Chris Segal, cameras showed the center fielder sitting quietly on the bench with a bat in one hand and holding a water bottle in the other.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said:

I think he heard some stuff from our dugout and threw somebody out, and frankly, had to come up with something. I thought it was a bad decision to throw somebody out of the game. To just pick somebody out, again, if you’re going to do those kind of things, be correct in doing so.

How did umpire Chris Segal know it was Gardner?

Boone said without looking or verifying:

[Segal said] he just knew. He heard Gardy say it.

Gardner who is actually innocent in all this is still upset that the Segal lied.

He told the press:

I didn’t even open my mouth, which is unusual for me. He just wanted to assume or wanted to take a guess, and he was wrong. And then he lied to me about it — which is a huge problem — and that’s what made me a little upset.

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