Yasiel Puig Beer-soaked + Shirtless Predicts Dodger Champions

Yasiel Puig Beer-soaked + Shirtless Predicts Dodger Champions

Despite all the robbery’s that Los Angeles right fielder Yasiel Puig has had to endure off the field, he is in great spirits since his team has won.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won their sixth NL West title, the team headed into the clubhouse for a celebratory beer and champagne showers. Read on and watch Yasiel Puig beer-soaked and sexy

CelebNSports247.com has the latest news from the Dodgers and a sexy beer-soaked + shirtless Yasiel Puig who on cloud nine.

While doing his rounds the 27-year-old Cuban-born right fielder Yasiel Puig was happily speaking to the press and showering them in beer.

Puig guaranteed a World Series victory in the Dodgers’ locker room after Los Angeles’ 5-2 win over Colorado on Monday.

Yasiel made a prediction to all media in the locker room as well as soaking them with beer:

We’re going to win the World Series. We’re bringing the 2018 championship here.

Puig also said, while triple-fisting beers:

Hey, Atlanta. I’ll see you soon, baby! And the next round — Chicago, Colorado — no matter who’s going, we’re going to beat ’em. And we’re going to the World Series again. And this time, we’re going to win the World Series. 2018 — the big party is here in Los Angeles.

Ladies get ready for Puig’s accent because of it a definite panty-dropper and he;s shirtless. #OMG #Yum:

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