Yasiel Puig Gives Hecklers Double Middle-finger Salute

Yasiel Puig Gives Hecklers The Bird After Homer


Los Angeles Dodgers Yasiel Puig made an impressive home run against the Indians in Cleveland. Then, the 26-year-old Cuban-born right fielder flipped the bird at his haters!

After Yasiel Puig made an impressive home run hecklers would not stop, so he CLAPPED BACK with a double middle-finger salute. Read on…

Yasiel Puig Gives Hecklers Double Middle-finger Salute

CelebNSports247.com is happy that  Yasiel Puig flipped off his hecklers, but clapping back is costing him.

Yasiel Puig’s teammates were obviously on his side because they “found this whole thing hilarious.”

Of course, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did not. Roberts had a meeting with Yasiel to discuss his actions.

Shortly after his meeting Puig had this to say:

“It was just something that he wishes didn’t happen. It was a reaction of emotion on his part and bad judgment. I stooped to their level.”

Basically, the Dodgers slapped Yasiel Puig with a fine and a one-game suspension from MLB. The MLB’s penalty was an overreaction, but the Dodgers felt that the Cuban MLB pro hasn’t thrilled the crowds lately and he NEEDS to do more.

What kind of ish is that?

Puig is human, he has feelings and you have to give it to him for dusting off the hecklers. Why does Puig have to be like the fish in a tank while an annoying kid keeps knocking on the glass. So what, he reacted. It’s not like this hasn’t happened in the MLB before.

What, is the MLB trying to pull a NFL black ball like they did to Colin Kaepernick for stand up for what he believes in?

Team owners NEED to slow their role a bit and remember that players are human and have feelings.

Fans need to support. These days everyone seems to think they are safe while mocking a lion in a cage. let’s put them face to face with one and see what would happen if the popped off in Puig’s face. We doubt he’d only be giving them the bird.

Do you Yasiel Puig! Screw the haters, and so what, you stooped to their level. Remember at the end of the day you’re making 5.5 million USD a year, they’re NOT!

Why Yasiel Puig flipped hecklers the middle finger:

After Puig hit his 10th home run of the year in what became a 7-5 Los Angeles victory “about four” fans heckled. They yelled obscenities at the 6’2″ 240 lbs MLB player while he was on deck and after he circled the bases.

Check it:

Did Puig deserve to be suspended?

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