Zach Randolph Weighs in on DeMarcus Cousins Bullying KD

Zach Randolph Weighs in on DeMarcus Cousins Bullying KD


The aftermath of DeMarcus Cousins bullying Kevin Durant continues and we all know that the New Orleans Pelicans baller isn’t afraid to instigate players.

The only thing is that he didn’t expect Sacramento Kings Zach Randolph to weigh in on DeMarcus Cousins bullying players. Read on…

Zach Randolph Weighs in on DeMarcus Cousins Bullying KD has the latest happenings between Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph and New Orleans Pelicans forward DeMarcus.

It appears that DeMarcus Cousins bullying tactics were in effect during the Kings vs Pelicans game last night. But Zach Randolph was NOT in the mood to deal with Cousins antics. Zach shut it down quickly with Cousins.

The Kings and Pelicans big got into it in the fourth quarter last night, and when the dust settled, Randolph delivered some legendary words.

Z-Bo told Cousins right to his face:

“Where I’m from bullies get bullied. In my hood bullies get bullied.”

Prior to the free throws, Cousins and Randolph had some not-so-pleasant words with each other. That led to the exchange. Zach Randolph ain’t afraid of DeMarcus Cousins one bit.

Take a look at the video of Zach telling DeMarcus “bullies get bullied!”

The New Orleans center, who scored 33 points points on 12-of-21 shooting to that point, scored just five points on 2-of-9 shooting the rest of the game.

Meanwhile, Randolph led Sacramento to an overtime victory.

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