All Lakers Players Getting Tested For COVID-19

All Lakers Players Getting Tested For COVID-19

All Lakers Players Getting Tested For COVID-19!

Did you realize that the Los Angeles Lakers were the last team to play the Nets before the league’s suspension.

According to Brad Turner is has been revealed that just had a conference call with ALL players that everyone will mandatory be tested for COVID-19 and undergo a 14-day quarantine. Read on as All Lakers Getting Tested For COVID-19… reports that Rudy Gobert went from being disliked to possibly saving a bunch of lives after he became the first NBA player to test positive for the coronavirus.

This is the latest happenings following the announcement that four Brooklyn Nets players tested positive, and that included Kevin Durant, who has not played a single game this year.

Soon after the news came down, the Lakers finished up a conference call and stated all players would be tested for COVID-19. The Lakers played them on March 10th.!

The Brooklyn Nets won this game 104-102.

We wish ALL the Lakers safety and to have everyone and anyone they came in contact with since March 10th including family. We hope that the league will also test all family members since players went home to their wives and children.

Magic Johnson has this advice:

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