Leaked Footage Proves Antonio Brown Former Trainer is LYING

Leaked Footage Proves Antonio Brown's Trainer is LYING

Looks like Antonio Brown’s former trainer Britney Taylor has a lot of explaining to do now that footage shows her chilling in his bed.

Not only that, but it also shows Antonio Brown’s former trainer acting like a straight-up groupie around him. In the footage, Britney Taylor is all hugged up and hanging all over the NFL hunk. Read on to watch the video proof that Antonio Brown trainer lying about the 3 separate incidents of sexual assault…

CelebNSports247.com got a hold of some video that has leaked online via Hollywood Unlocked showing Antonio Brown and his former trainer Britney Taylor all cozied up.

In the videos Taylor can’t keep her hands off of the New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown which is proof she is lying about the sexual assault accusations.

There is NO WAY a woman would stay training a man who had allegedly sexually assaulted her three separate times. That alone reveals she is trying to EXTORT him, which also makes sense why AB’s legal team is countersuing Taylor.

Check the videos. She doesn’t look like a victim of sexual assault. Somebody haul her off and lock her up for perjury. And leave AB alone THOT!

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