Antonio Brown Reportedly Blames The NFL For Making Him Wait

Antonio Brown Reportedly Blames The NFL For Making Him Wait

Antonio Brown is not finding too many friends in fans who sympathize with him not being in the NFL, mainly because it’s 100% his fault and his fault alone.

For the past year, we’ve to watch Antonio Brown display arrogance, cockiness, and acting like his shhh don’t stink! Well, it appears it does and now the free-agent wide receiver is finding out its a bit of a lonely world, but he isn’t letting that bother him. Read on to see why Antonio Brown blames NFL…

Oh no, instead Antonio Brown is pointing fingers and putting blame on the NFL, you know because they did him wrong, has learned.

Basically, Antonio Brown is reportedly upset over how long he’s waited for the league to take action. Despite the fact that the free-agent wide receiver has been traded and released from three different teams in 2019

ESPN’s Josina Anderson explained the situation Monday on First Take:

Well first of all, Antonio Brown is looking forward to this interview with the NFL on Thursday, that actually is going to be in-person. Because it’s been about six or seven weeks since he was let go by the Patriots, and he’s been feeling, according to sources, like it has been unfair, the amount of time that he had to wait. Perhaps, that the NFL was also minding the perception of the allegations around him and wanting that to kind of dissipate some. Also, the unfairness of the fact when you consider next week for most teams they’ll have six games remaining, and if you put that up against what the baseline suspension for the NFL would be when you’re dealing with cases of sexual or domestic misconduct. So, if they decide to apply that suspension, he’s effectively done, which is why Adam Schefter is saying that.

Brown is set to meet with the league this week to address his sexual assault allegations as well as harassment towards a second accuser when he was a member of the Patriots.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has already reported that Brown is not expected to play again in 2019.

Well, AB had a response for that:

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