Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex-Evansville Coach Walter McCarty

Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex-Evansville Coach Walter McCarty

Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex-Evansville Coach Walter McCarty!

Read on for more details regarding college coach Walter McCarty’s arrest warrant… reports that former Kentucky player and ex-Evansville coach Walter McCarty’s fall from grace continued Thursday.

According to reports, a judge in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, issued an arrest warrant for Walter McCarty’s arrest after he failed to appear in court.

Walter McCarty Arrest Warrant details:

The former Kentucky and NBA player had been ordered to appear as part of a civil case alleging he defaulted on a line of credit, according to the Evansville Courier & Press.

Evansville fired McCarty in January during his second season on the job amid an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. His firing was part of a whirlwind season that included a 67-64 upset victory at then-No. 1 Kentucky in November.

The school placed McCarty on leave six weeks after that monumental win as an external law firm began its investigation into his alleged misconduct. Evansville started the season 9-4 under McCarty but finished it 9-23 after losing its final 19 games with interim coach Bennie Seltzer and new head coach Todd Lickliter leading the way.

McCarty, an Evansville native, came to the school after spending more than a decade as a college and NBA assistant following the conclusion of his 10-year NBA playing career. But issues quickly arose, with the university acknowledging that it issued warnings to McCarty during his first season “regarding inappropriate off-court behavior with members of our campus community.”CBS Sports

In June, Walter McCarty took to the gram to speak about social and racial injustice:


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