Browns and Baker Mayfield Situation Becomes Worse

Browns and Baker Mayfield Situation Becomes Worse

Browns and Baker Mayfield Situation Becomes Worse!

According to reports Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is still in limbo for the upcoming season since every team passed him over… reports that Baker Mayfield and the Browns may eventually need each other in 2022.

A new article from Jake Trotter of throws more bituminous on the burn pile in Cleveland, highlighting how and why player and team got to the point of no return. It comes at a time when a return has emerged as a potentially plausible outcome, especially with new starter Deshaun Watson possibly facing a longer suspension than anyone expects.

There has been much said about the relationship between Baker Mayfield and the Browns’ front office. The Browns quarterback remains on Cleveland’s roster following the 2022 NFL draft, and his future is still unclear. He is owed $18.8 million in 2022.

One thing that was said about him seem to take him to his breaking point and it set off a chain reaction that led Deshaun Watson to Cleveland.

What Causes The Divide Between Baker and The Browns?

ESPN is reporting that “the final straw for Mayfield, according to multiple sources, came on March 16, when ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen said he believed Mayfield’s time in Cleveland was over and that he was told the Browns wanted ‘an adult’ at quarterback.”

Mortensen reported:

They’re breaking up, regardless of whether or not Deshaun Watson ends up Cleveland, the one thing that I was told is that it’s just not a match emotionally, whereas Baker Mayfield’s passion and emotional leadership were embraced in Oklahoma and even in the beginning with the Browns, things have changed and they want what they consider an adult at the position. 

Just 24 hours after that report, Mayfield demanded a trade. That forced the Browns’ hand and they would soon trade for Deshaun Watson. After that blockbuster trade, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam claimed the “adult” comment did not come from ownership.

Haslam said after the trade:

Contrary to what is out there in the press, we think highly of Baker and did not get down on him. [I know] Baker felt that [“adult” comment] came from ownership, but that’s not true. Baker gave it everything he had while he was here. Nobody can question his effort this past year, and nobody can question the four years he gave to the city of Cleveland.

The Browns and Baker Mayfield best figure things out before its too late.