Cam Newton Confronts DISRESPECTFUL Kid Heckling Him

Cam Newton Confronts DISRESPECTFUL Kid Heckling Him

Cam Newton Confronts DISRESPECTFUL Kid Heckling Him!

What is this world coming to when a kid who plays football thinks he can disrespect a NFL baller who is worth $75 million? Continue on to see how this disgusting teen disrespected by one very nasty and smart-ss kid who knows nothing about what it takes to be in the NFL. See how Cam Newton handles DISRESPECTFUL Kid… reports A video of Cam Newton getting smack-talked by a kid at his football camp has been making the rounds on social media today.

To start off Cam Newton held himself and did the right thing. The kid is out of line!

In the video, the kid continuously disses the former NFL MVP, mocking him for being a free agent and calling him names. Cam retorted that “I’m rich,” but that didn’t seem to bug the camper.

Judging by how NFL fans are reacting on Twitter, Cam is winning the battle of who looks better in the video. Many are lamenting that it’s not right that a former NFL MVP, Heisman winner and national champion gets treated that way.

Others are lamenting that the kid may be a product of “first take culture”. Some feel that behavior is a direct result of players being ruthlessly torn apart on daytime debate shows.

The bottom line is this, if that kid wants to heckle Cam Newton as his football camp, then Cam should dismiss him and send him packing. Give him a taste of what its like to have an owner cut him from the team. – TheSpun

The kid was out of line, he shows no respect to Cam and this is a horrible thing to see. What happened to respecting the people we look up to or attend their football camp.

Obviously that kid wanted to be sent home. There is probably more to the kids background, but this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Cam Newton history in the NFL – For The Kid:

“These are “First Take” babies,” one person wrote. “Grew up listening to Stephen A (Smith) and Skip (Bayless) calling 1% athletes bums and scrubs. So… here we are. An NCAA National champion and NFL MVP is huff to the general public.”

Like him or hate him, Cam Newton has accomplished a lot in his decade-plus of playing football.

Behavior unacceptable from Kid!