Canelo Disappointed With Mayweather vs Paul Fight

Canelo Disappointed With Mayweather vs Paul Fight

Canelo Disappointed With Mayweather vs Paul Fight!

Logan Paul finally got to experience what it is like to fight a real boxing champion. And he was lucky enough to last. Let’s see him go against Tyson, Canelo, Pacquiao other heavyweights, one of them will surely knock him out.

This comes as no surprise that the Mayweather vs Paul fight was a major disappointment after both men went all 8 rounds and nobody was knocked out.

Canelo Disappointed With Mayweather vs Paul Fight

Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images has the latest reactions from boxing champion Canelo Alvarez and other athletes who expected better than this.

Trill Entertainment is doing what it said, it’s entertainment. Just like the recent Tyson fight, there was no winners and now, Logan Paul is trying to claim victory for going the distance?


Mayweather clearing was the winner in the fight, but they called it with no winners? Whatever.

Here is what Canelo and other athletes are saying about the fight:

Canelo was the first of many athletes to weigh in on the fight. His was simple with a #SMH emoji. Nothing else needed to be said!

Even OJ got in on the action saying in the video below:

Of course, Paige points out that the Logan brothers know how to make money. She’s right, but it also proves that is all women see, is the Paul brothers making stacks:

Here is what Mayweather had to say about the fight.

Mayweather had fun. It was a fun fight.

Paul had this to say about fighting Mayweather: