Carl Crawford Emotional After A Woman & Child Drowning At His Home

Carl Crawford Emotional After A Woman & Child Drowning At His Home

Carl Crawford Emotional After A Woman & Child Drowning At His Home!

Over the past year Carl Crawford has had major drama with Megan Thee Stallion, but that was the least of his worries since a woman and child drowned in his pool. Read on for more details on Carl Crawford and who was the Woman and Child in the drowning… reports on May 16, we reported that a woman and a child drowned at former MLB player Carl Crawford’s home in Houston.

Now Carl Crawford is publicly speaking about the tragic incident.

On Saturday (May 23), Carl Crawford wrote a message about the incident and posted it to his Instagram page.

The former Los Angeles Dodgers player and the Perfect Storm spoke on the “tragic event” with a “heavy heart” saying “I’m at a loss for words.”

He goes on to say:

The tragic events that occurred at my home will be with me forever. I’m at a loss for words. I’ve struggled all week to manage my emotions and I keep thinking of the families of those who’ve passed and their grief, I know they have it the hardest. They are the first and last thing I think of these days. Please keep them in your prayers, I know they will always be in mine.

Details About the woman and Child who drowned at Crawford’s home:

According to the Houston Chronical, the woman and boy who died Saturday in a possible drowning at the Houston home of former Los Angeles Dodger Carl Crawford have been identified as Bethany Lartigue and 5-year-old Kasen Hersi.

Bethany’s brother Brandon Lartigue revealed that she was not related to the child nor did she share a personal connection with Crawford.

Brandon told the Houston Chronicle on Sunday:

It has not processed yet…We’re dealing with a lot of things right now because it’s unexpected — the death of someone who had a lot of promise in life.

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