Charles Barkley Names His Price To Join LIV Golf Tour

Charles Barkley Names His Price To Join LIV Golf Tour

Charles Barkley Names His Price To Join LIV Golf Tour!

Former NBA star Barkley is demanding a whopping $60 million to join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour!! Is he really worth that much for golf??? Read on for more about Charles Barkley and his LIV Golf tour demands… reports that the NBA legend addressed the org.’s reported interest in bringing him on as a commentator with the “Dan Patrick Show” on Monday.

Charles Barkley said that he’s more than happy with his current situation with TNT, but a certain number would get him to sign on the dotted line with LIV.

Barkley told Patrick:

Well, consider how much money I make now, it would take a really huge number for me to give up my life right now.

While Barkley didn’t want to go into details about his current income, Patrick threw out a number — $20 milli total between TNT and endorsements — and Chuck admitted the guess was pretty spot-on.

Dan asked Chuck how he’d respond if LIV decided to triple his income … and it’s safe to say Barkley wouldn’t be able to decline such a lucrative offer.

If they triple it, and next time I’m on your show, the first question better be, ‘Charles, where we celebrating at tonight?’ Barkley said.

That should be your first question, that should be your first question if they triple what I’m making now. Your first question should be, ‘Hey, Charles, where’s the party tonight?’

Barkley also said despite all the backlash surrounding the tour, he has no issue with guys like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Brooks Koepka leaving the PGA tour for LIV … ’cause at the end of the day, money talks.

150 million dollars to play golf 15 times a year? I have no problem with those guys taking that money.

While Barkley is already throwing out his number, he says LIV has until after he participates in this week’s LIV pro-am at Trump National in New Jersey to get back to him with an offer.

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