Cicadas Make Home in Washington’s Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Beard

Cicadas Makes Home in Washington's Ryan Fitzpatrick's Beard

Cicadas Make Home in Washington’s Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Beard!

If you are a person who hates bugs then this will drive you buggy!

Currently. the 17-year cicadas are invading a large section of the United States. Strange things happen but these cicadas found refuge in one of the weirdest spots, Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s beard. Watch the Cicadas in Fitzpatrick’s Beard… reports that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard was the safest spot for one Cicada who made his beard it’s home.

The Washington Football Team is sending first-day vibes the only way the younger generation knows how: a chalkboard sign.

The team opened its third phase of organized team activities (OTAs) on Tuesday with players in town for meetings and workouts.

And then this happened!

The Washington Football Team Ryan Fitzpatrick took to social media to show everyone he had an up-close encounter with one of them this week.

The largest brood makes its appearance every 17 years, like clockwork, in the northeastern quarter of the United States.

Just so you know, Cicadas cannot bite or sting; they don’t even have jaws. Even still, the very sight of them can make someone’s flesh crawl.

Not Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s a pro on and off the field.

Even Joe Biden had a run-in with Cicadas.