Colin Kaepernick: Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty is Result of White Supremacy

Colin Kaepernick: Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty is Result of White Supremacy

Colin Kaepernick: Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty is Result of White Supremacy!

What is so bothersome about Kyle Rittenhouse basically getting away with murder is the simple fact that he shot three people and killed two of the three.

Kyle Rittenhouse cried on the witness stand because he was obviously scared that he was headed to prison. But it seems like all white people have to do is cry and say, “I was scared…it all happened so face. It was self-defense.”

That right there is a screwed-up justice system because Kyle Rittenhouse played on the emotions of the jury in which he picked out of a hat? WTF was that about? reports that former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick is furious with the outcomes of Kyle Rittenhouse’s case.

Colin Kaepernick basically wants to burn the current justice system down to the ground to get rid of White supremacy.

On Friday, Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed two men and wounded a third during the protests and rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was found not guilty by a jury on all charges. The shocking announcement garnered reactions from athletes, many of whom had walked out of games last summer following the police shooting of Jacob Blake that prompted the protests.

Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick, who is now a full-time activist, took to Twitter and said the state of White supremacy needs to be shut down by getting rid of the current justice system.

We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist. This only further validates the need to abolish our current system. White supremacy cannot be reformed.

Rittenhouse faced five felony counts, including first-degree intentional homicide.

Kyle Rittenhouse is Guilty, Where Was Justice Today?

Kyle was and is guilty. The reason is that he didn’t live anywhere near the area of the incident where protesters were. He drove over there with intent. He put himself in a place where he should not have been with was motivated by White supremacy. It’s crazy how the jury didn’t even look at that aspect with it blatantly in everyone’s face.

If Kyle was black…he’d be sentenced to life and the death penalty like Julius Jones. There is no justice and now all those people were killed in vain, where is the validation for the families who lost a loved one at the hands of Kyle Rittenhouse???

Answer that?

The shooting of Blake, a Black man left partly paralyzed, spurred protests around the sports world, led by Milwaukee Bucks, NBA, and WNBA players opting not to play games for one night while at the bubble in Florida.