Colin Kaepernick Compares The NFL to Modern Day Slavery

Colin Kaepernick Compares The NFL to Modern Day Slavery

Colin Kaepernick Compares The NFL to Modern Day Slavery!

Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick’s new Netflix documentary starts out with a bang — making a literal comparison of playing for the NFL … to being bought and sold in slavery.

Lets’ look at this for a second, fans gather in large stadiums while talented young men from low-income areas are put on teams to battle on a field to win. As the weeks go on, each team, owned by old rich white men, battle until one team dominates and are rewarded diamond rings. The only difference from old times to modern-day is they are not battling lions or fighting to the death like the gladiators of yesteryear.

Back then they were slaves who fought to stay alive, today they are athletes who are rewarded with riches, but the concept is the same. Continue on for more about Colin Kaepernick Netflix documentary comparing the NFL to Slavery… reports that the former quarterback-turned-activist begins the film titled ‘Colin in Black and White’ explaining how guys get into the league.

Kaep notes the first step is trying out for a team, which begins with a combine, while officials look on.

He says potential players are “paraded out” in front of coaches, scouts and owners — who measure their physical talents and on-field abilities. Like we mentioned above.

Check it:

Colin goes on to say coaches will tell players they want their guys to be warriors, killers, beasts, and animals on the gridiron. Kaepernick says this is coded language, which he thinks lends to a larger power dynamic of slave master and slave. — he makes a visual juxtaposition to hit it home.

Of course, this comes with controversy, but Netflix was on board with the messaging.

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