Cowboys Stole Four Years From Dak Prescott

Cowboys Stole Four Years From Dak Prescott

Cowboys Stole Four Years From Dak Prescott!

According to Michael Irving, he feels that the Dallas Cowboys stole four years of Dak’s life playing for the team. Irving wants the Cowboys to dig deep in their pockets and open their wallets wide for Prescott. Read on to learn why Irving is saying Cowboys stole four years from Dak Prescott reports that Irvin believes the 26-year-old quarterback deserves every penny and then some from owner Jerry Jones based on his in services in Dallas the last four years.

While Michael Irvin was discussing the current contract standoff between his former team and Prescott. he decided to weigh in on the situation.

Michael states, according to the Dallas Morning News:

Dak has been not great, but perfect. Not necessarily in wins and losses, of course. But I’m talking about just the person that he’s been. The kind of investment you want to make, the kind of guy you say ‘yeah, we hit it with this guy. We got him in the fourth round.’ You stole four years, so whatever he gets he deserves because you still owe him back pay.

The Cowboys drafted Prescott at No. 135 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. Over his first four seasons in Dallas, he has thrown for 15,778 yards, with 97 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He’s also led the Cowboys to the postseason twice.

Despite all the chatter on Prescott NEEDING to get paid;Dak wants a four year deal nothing more than that.

USA Today’s Jori Epstein commented by saying:

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