Dak Prescott Still Leading In Passing Yards Despite Injury

Dak Prescott Still Leading In Passing Yards Despite Injury

Dak Prescott Still Leading In Passing Yards Despite Injury!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is NOT letting an ankle injury hold him back from playing on the field. Read on since Dak Prescott leading in Passing Yards, but once they take him off the field Andy Dalton can’t keep up.

CelebnSports247.com reports just one week ago, Cowboys fans thought it was over when fans witnessed Dak Prescott SCARY Ankle Injury vs. the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott continues to play on through his injury and still leading the NFL in passing yards after Week 6.

Here is what’s being reported via Yahoo Sports:

It’s a close race, but with 1,856 yards, Prescott still leads the league in passing yards. He won’t hold onto that position for long. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan sits at 1,843 passing yards. Ryan could take over as the league leader after his next completion.

Prescott wasn’t going to finish the year as the league leader. He’s out for the season after dislocating and fracturing his ankle in a Week 5 game against the New York Giants. Prescott had to leave that game in the third quarter, making the fact that he still leads the league in passing yards even more impressive. He didn’t even play five full games.

Prescott immediately had surgery after suffering the injury. He thanked supporters for cheering him on and said he’s ready to start his comeback.

Dak thanked fans for the love and support:


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The Cowboys could be in trouble with Andy Dalton:

Dalton has been an effective quarterback in the past, but asking him to bring the Cowboys back from significant deficits week after week isn’t going to work. Prescott was capable of doing that — and it led to some huge numbers — but that’s not Dalton’s game.

In order for Dalton to have success, the Cowboys’ defense needs to get its act together. Relying on Dalton to put up 40-plus points per week isn’t a recipe for success.

That strategy was barely working with Prescott under center.

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