Colts LB Darius Leonard Makes Last Second Save On Wedding Ring

Darius Leonard Last Second Save Wedding Ring

Colts LB Darius Leonard Makes Last Second Save On Wedding Ring

Talk about caught in the nick of time. Yup, that’s what happened for the second time this year when Colts LB Darius Leonard was throwing his gloves to a screaming fan. Continue on and watch Darius Leonard almost lose his wedding ring again… reports Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard just saved himself from yet another awkward conversation with his wife.

Could you see it, “Hey honey, remember my wedding ring? well, you see, I accidentally threw it to a fan and now she has it?”

It just doesn’t sound good, but luckily, Darius Leonard will not be having that conversation since he realized the ring came off just seconds before he threw his gloves to a screaming fan.

It would have been a ring Catastrophe Part II by the narrowest of margins

See, this is NOT the first time this has happened. Back in September, Colts LB Darius ripped off his gloves in celebration of a win and tossed them to a fan in the stands.

Turns out, though, his wedding ring had gotten stuck in one of the gloves … and the 25-year-old linebacker had to beg on social media to get it back!!

Once again on Sunday, Darius almost pulled a Britney Spears with an “Oops I Did It Again” moment.

Fortunately for Darius, he learned his lesson and actually checked the gloves before launching them.

Watch the video (above) as you can see Leonard realizes his mistake just before throwing the gear. It was like he was saying in his mind, “oh come on Darius, not again man!”

Darius is still living the happy-wife, happy-life lifestyle.

Good looking out for that ring Darius.