Deshaun Watson Defense Plan Will Include Robert Kraft’s Happy Ending Scandal

Deshaun Watson Defense Plan Will Include Robert Kraft’s Happy Ending Scandal

Deshaun Watson Defense Plan Will Include Robert Kraft’s Happy Ending Scandal!

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is involved in some serious sexual assault allegations and very well could receive a season-long ban from the NFL… reports that Deshaun Watson defense is attempting to get the shortest possible suspension from the league.

In addition, the NFL Players Association is expected to bring up other examples around the league to spotlight the passes that several league owners received following their own scandals.

Bracing for the NFL to hand down an “unprecedented” punishment to Deshaun Watson for his alleged behavior toward more than 20 women he hired to massage him, the NFL Players Association is planning an “aggressive defense” that could bring up New England owner Robert Kraft’s alleged behavior at a Florida massage parlor, according to ProFootballTalk.

Florio’s report says the NFLPA’s defense plan might take aim at Daniel Snyder, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones for their past incidents.

The defense for Watson would apparently invoke Kraft — per “a source with knowledge of the intended strategy” — because the Patriots owner received no punishment from the league despite allegedly paying for a massage that became a sexual encounter at a Florida spa in 2019.

Kraft was charged with a crime but his solicitation charge was dismissed because a court ruled the video surveillance Florida law enforcement used violated the rights of the individuals who were recorded in secret at the spa.

As for Watson, the Browns’ QB allegedly met at least 66 women for massages over a 17-month period per The New York Times.

If the league means what it says when it says that owners are held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline for violations of the Personal Conduct Policy, the manner in which Snyder, Kraft, and Jones were handled by the league becomes directly relevant to the manner in which Watson is handled, too. – per PFT.

As of earlier this week, the total number of lawsuits against the former Houston Texans star had reached 26, as he tried desperately to clear his name in the court of public opinion.

Meanwhile, Watson’s team have questioned the credibility of the women claiming he sexually assaulted them.