Dolphins Fire Back At Brian Flores Latest Allegations

Dolphins Fire Back At Brian Flores Latest Allegations

Dolphins Fire Back At Brian Flores Latest Allegations!

It appears, Brian Flores, who is now the assistant coach for Pittsburgh Steelers amidst his lawsuit against the Miami Dolphins, two other teams and the NFL reports that The Miami Dolphins are NO LONGER sitting around to let Brian Flores continuously slandering them with accusations without firing back.

Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL, Dolphins, Broncos and New York Giants against for racial discrimination has been gaining traction. It has reached many black men who have had the same experience in the NFL, but said nothing until now. Eric Dickerson recently has a solution for the problem since it trickles down from the top…Commissioner Roger Goodell, who recently tried to look like he was being part of the solution . 

During an interview airing on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Tuesday night, Flores and his attorney’s allege Dolphins owner Stephen Ross asked him to sign a non-disclosure agreement when he was let go by the team.

In regards to Flores and his attorney’s accusation, the Dolphins have released a statement.

The Dolphins statement came early Tuesday evening refuting Flores’ claims per Ari Meirov‘s report:

This latest assertion by Brian Flores that Steve Ross mentioned an NDA to him is categorically false. This just did not happen and we simply cannot understand why Brian continues this pattern of making unfounded statements that he knows are untrue. We are fully cooperating with the NFL investigation and look forward to all of the facts coming out which we are confident will prove that his claims are false and defamatory.

Flores signed a five-year contract with the Dolphins when he was hired in February of 2019 but was fired after just three seasons.