Donovan Mitchell Sends Important Message With Bulletproof Vest

Donovan Mitchell Sends Important Message With Bulletproof Vest

Donovan Mitchell Sends Important Message With Bulletproof Vest!

Despite his is duel with Jamal Murray in the first round, Donovan Mitchell refused to let his on-court displays distract from America’s issues. Instead, the 24-year-old used his platform to focus on the things that really matter. Continue on to see Donovan Mitchell Bulletproof Vest…


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Just The Beginning….??

A post shared by Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) on reports that Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell promised fans and reporters following the game that this is “Just The Beginning…”, but his bulletproof vest is gaining attention.

Earlier in the year, Donovan Mitchell had an important message to fans to “Be Proactive About COVID-19!”

But it’s not about his gameplay that has everyone talking, well, some are talking about his performance after the Sunday night game.

However, we are talking about Mitchell sending an important message by bringing a bulletproof vest to an NBA conference.

Donovan Mitchell continues to make bold statements, but his bulletproof vest is speaking LOUD. It has all the names of the black people who were murdered by police in this country, via SportsCasting.

Take a look at Donovan Mitchell bulletproof vest:

It’s a bold statement of justice to stop police brutality and to also show that he’s NOT scared!

The black community needs to stand up to the continual violence that the government, white supremest, and police (who are controlled by politics to oppress the black community).

Many will say you can’t point the finger at the Trump administration. But it is coming from the top, Trump is a puppet to the many men (supremacist) holding the strings in the government. Its a conglomerate and that is what Americans NEED to understand.

Police brutality NEEDS to end, oppression NEEDS to be abolished, just like the many confederate markers (or some call historical statues) around the U.S.

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