Ezekiel Elliott Joins The Dak Dance Train

Ezekiel Elliott Joins The Dak Prescott Hip Thrust Dance Train

Ezekiel Elliott Joins The Dak Prescott Hip Thrust Dance Train!

Ladies pay attention because its all in the hips and let’s be real about this, Dak Prescott proves he’s got what it takes when it comes to his hip thrust workout. Read on because Ezekiel Elliott joins the Dak Prescott hip thrust dance…

CelebNSports247.com has the latest on Dak Prescott hip thrust dance since Dallas Cowboys running back and bestie Ezekiel Elliott just showed the world how his hip thrust is.

Following a screen pass from Dak Prescott to Ezekiel Elliott who took it in for the score the Cowboys running back already celebrated his touchdown honoring Dak Prescott’s now-famous hip thrust workout.

Zeke broke out the Dak dance in the back of the end zone.

Ladies, who do you think does the hip thrust dance better – Dak or Zeke?

If you ask us, our money is on Dak because he has the thrust and snap along with that hit that makes it on point. Many can try the Dak dance, but there is only one man with that right thrust and snap on the field.

Though it was fun to see that Zeke has made Dak’s workout into his touchdown dance.

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