Floyd Mayweather CLAPS BACK at Haters

Floyd Mayweather CLAPS BACK at Haters

Floyd Mayweather CLAPS BACK at Haters!

Mayweather goes on to say, “I’m happy to flaunt my legal wealth and brag about being a black man that came from poverty…” Read on to see why Floyd Mayweather CLAPS BACK at his haters…


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CelebNSports247.com reports that Floyd Mayweather has something to say to all the critics and haters who have judged him over the years.

Floyd Mayweather took to social media with a clap back of his own to all the haters saying:

This is what I’ve been hearing for 23 years… “All Mayweather does is brag about his cars, his jewelry, his mansions, his ladies, his clothes and his money “. And this is what Mayweather says back… “I’m happy y’all spent over 2 decades hating on me instead of building your own legacy ”

The retired boxing champ who lives his life anyway he damn well please goes on to say that he doesn’t care what people think of him.

In another post on social media Mayweather who loves to flaunt his richness and throw it in everyones face had this to say:

I was once told that “the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room”. Well, that works for the individuals that’s doing something illegal. But in my case, I’m happy to flaunt my legal wealth and brag about being a black man that came from poverty, beat all odds and not give a fuck about what anybody thinks. Happy 4th, this is my independence! Now, let the fireworks begin!

We get it, Floyd’s net worth is roughly around $700 million to $1 billion dollars but he spends money like he has another fight.

This makes sense why he has been begging Khabib Nurmagomedov for fight. He even said there was a ton of money to be made. Obviously Floyd needs to replenish those funds he’s wasted.

Being Rich Doesn’t Have Real Friends, Love or Acceptance they’re Paid For:

The only problem is this. When someone like Floyd Mayweather continually has to flaunt and brag about his money is shows that there is something missing in his life.

People who have to go to social media to show they’re rich and can buy whatever they want is great, but the things they can’t buy is real friends, love or acceptance. See when you go money like that, no one is really around you because they love you or they wanna be your friend. Nope they are there for the money and whatever.

Floyd travels, shops, buys cars and more, but have you ever noticed he does it alone. There is no one around him who really likes to do what he loves. They are hired help to assist him, feed him and do whatever he request for a paycheck.

But hey, congrats Floyd, you got money and lots of it. Good for you. This is why Floyd Mayweather CLAPS BACK at his haters.

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