Gervonta Davis Luckily Survives Plane Crash

Gervonta Davis Luckily Survives Plane Crash

Gervonta Davis Luckily Survives Plane Crash!

Boxer Gervonta Davis just, miraculously, walked away from a plane crash relatively unscathed — and it sounds like what’s hurting him the most in the aftermath are his feet … and his caboose.


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A post shared by Gervonta Davis (@gervontaa) reports that professional boxer Gervonta Davis went live Saturday to document a terrifying encounter in the air.

Gervonta Davis luckily survived a near fatal plane crash. He explained what he and his crew had just gone through after boarding a private jet.

Davis’ plane failed to properly take off and crash landed back down to the airport grounds it was trying to leave. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear the aircraft got very far up before coming back down to Earth – At least Gervonta and co. seemed more or less okay with their health and bodies intact.

That is the same way that Aaliyah died in the Bahamas on takeoff. Unfortunately for them, no one survived. May they all rest in peace.

Gervonta wasn’t feeling some hurt afterwards — on his live feed, he noted that his booty was aching like no other. He’s pretty jovial about the whole thing, which is great to see, but this could’ve easily been way worse.

GD also gets some shots of the downed plane, and it sure looks like something went wrong internally. There were also fire engines that showed up on the scene to evaluate the damage and tend to anyone’s injuries.

Moments after Davis announced the news of his accident, rapper Kodak Black took to Twitter to reveal that he was also on the private jet, noting he was in pain after the incident.

Kodak Black Tweeted:

I Was On Dat Jet Wit @Gervontaa & I’m Not Ok…Shittt Me, My Neck, My Back all dat.

Yeah, Kodak admitted he was just joking, but that is NOT something to joke about:

It’s unclear what exactly caused the malfunction — but you can hear Gervonta and his friends speculate on what happened … seems like there might’ve been some overheating of some sort. They also appear to be discussing some of the flight maneuvers the pilot(s) were using in the air … and the group seems to think that may have attributed to it going down.