Goodell, NFC Refs To Face Questions for Worst No-Call

Goodell, NFC Refs To Face Questions on No-Call

Remember when the LA Rams Nickell Robey-Coleman hit New Orleans Saints Tommylee Lewis during the NFC Championship game?

On Monday when it was announced that a New Orleans judge ordered Roger Goodell and three referees to be questioned under oath over the “no-call” during January’s NFC Championship Game between the Rams and Saints. Read on for more Goodell, NFC Refs To Face Questions for Worst No-Call… reports that its about time that someone addresses the “No Call” by Refs during the NFC Championship game which had the LA Rams head to superbowl.

Nickell Robey-Coleman was reportedly unapologetic about the no-call hit.

Antonio LeMon, who filed a lawsuit over the game, alleges that the National Football League committed fraud with the outcome of that game.

His lawsuit is seeking $75K in damages over failure of the refs to throw a flag on a obvious pass interference call. If he wins, LeMon plans to donate the money to charity.

WWLTV reports:

State Civil District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard of New Orleans ruled earlier this month that LeMon’s lawsuit could proceed. She also ruled then that LeMon can request documents and ask questions of NFL officials. She said Monday that depositions should take place in September. She also set Aug. 22 for the next hearing in the lawsuit, according to LeMon.

LeMon said:

I think the city of New Orleans and the Saints organization and the fan base, they deserve to know what happened in that NFC Championship game. So we can get some level of truth, some information, so we can all heal a little better. As far as I’m concerned, we can’t move on until there’s been some reparation and some consequence for what happened.

Of course, a league spokesman declined comment.

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