GSU QB Shai Werts Drug Charges Dropped; Cops LIED

GSU QB Shai Werts Drug Charges Dropped; Cops LIED

Dashcam released by the Saluda County, SC Sheriff’s Department shows that police totally screw up and arrested Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts for nothing.

According to SC cops, they thought they scored when the pulled over Shai Werts claiming that he was in possession of a “controlled substance” aka cocaine. The only problem is that it was bird poop. Read on…

GSU QB Shai Werts Drug Charges Dropped; Cops LIED reports that the “South Carolina Law Enforcement Division received the substance and completed the drug analysis on August 8, 2019,” only to learn that “the forensic scientist determined that no controlled substance was detected.”

Basically, cops mistook bird poop for cocaine on a Georgia Southern quarterback’s car during an arrest last month — and the argument over the white stuff was all caught on video.

Shai Werts was innocent all along.

He was pulled over on July 31 in Clinton, South Carolina after cops say he was speeding. but in the video you can see that was NOT TRUE.

This is just another case of driving while black and cops trying to find any excuse to take down another up and coming black man doing the right thing. #SMH

During the stop, officers placed 21-year-old Werts in the back of their patrol car, and went to search Werts’ 2016 Dodge Charger.

Something police are NOT allowed to do without cause or reason.

After white cops were unable to find anything they decided to focus on a white splatter on the hood of his car.

In the video seen at seen at WJCL News, you can watch an officer walk back to the patrol car to question Werts, asking straight-up:

What’s the white stuff on the front of your hood, man?

Werts immediately responds:

Bird sh*t.

The officer doesn’t believe him, saying repeatedly that the substance looks nothing like bird poop … and instead, he tells Werts test results indicated it was a controlled substance.

The idiot officer says:

I swear to God it’s not [bird poo]…because I just tested it, and that turned pink.

Werts insists over and over again it’s bird poop … but the cop clearly doesn’t believe him, with the officer eventually telling him:

It tested positive for cocaine.


Werts was charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession and speeding … and he was also suspended from GSU team activities after the arrest.

Now, cops have poop on their face because they were 100% WRONG!

LAWSUIT! APOLOGY! PUBLICALLY! And Suspended to cops for being racist and stereotyping. Why would anyone have cocaine on the hood of their car while driving? Man are these  cops thirsty to arrest a black man or what?

As NWA says FTP!

It is tiring to keep seeing police take advantage of black men who are doing no wrong. Look how cops provoked Malik McDowell and then tased him.

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